lunedì 27 ottobre 2014

NEW Make up products Alverde.

Finally they're arrived! and they're amazing!

Let's start with the face.
I think this is what mostly we're waiting for: Alverde Pure Teint Make-up

this liquid foundation is so smooth and soft and makes your skin perfect. Suitable for all skin types, but works very good with normal to combination skin. Alverde says: The lightweight makeup with natural opacity gives a delicate nude complexion. The texture with apricot kernel oil from controlled biological cultivation pampers the skin. Available in 2 shades: Pure Porcelain and Pure Sand. You can find buy it here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

The other great new product is Cover & Stay Make-up

it really covers imperfection and it really stay in place. Alverde says The Cover & Stay makeup conceals long-lasting with its high opacity - without clogging the pores. There will be no mask effect. With SPF 6. Available in 2 shades, Cashew and Sienna is suitable for all skin type. You can buy it soon on my eBay shop.

The new Mineral Face Primer replaces the old one with a new formula and a new packagin
The pleasant light texture with light reflecting pigments laminated gently small bumps and ensures a naturally radiant skin. The Mineral Face Primer prepares comprising before the makeup and is suitable for all skin types. Natural look with soft focus effect. You can buy it here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

A very interesting product is the Make-Up-Korrekturstift

Basically is a pen, like the one you usually use for your nails but this is created for the mistake you make in your eyes area with the eyeliner for example o for the mistake of the lipstick around your mouth. They say The Make-Up-correction pen away thanks to its gentle and skin-moisturizing formula instantly blurred mascara, eyeliner or lipstick. Includes 3 refills.
Absolutely to try it. You can buy it here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

And the last new product for the face is a very nice surprise: it's a shimmering blush with 3 different shades inside.

It's really shimmering and gives to your skin a healty glow. Alverde says The soft texture with organic macadamia oil and organic olive oil lends an aura of color in the face and gives the skin a fresh, healthy glow. The color intensity can vary individually depending on the amount of applied from subtle to intense. and it's true: it's really buildable so you can create different kinds of look with the product. And it last long! You'll find here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

 Now it's time for the new eyes products!
The new creme eyeliner is available in 3 shades: violet, brown and dark gray.

Is very creamy and it's perfect to use it also as eyeshadow base to make the eyeshadow more intense. You can find it here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

As you probably know Alverde produces a huge range of mascara for different kinds of eyelashes. This one, Mascara Maximize Volume Lashes, is dedicated to the person who wants huge volume in their eyelashes.
The description is quite exhaustive: In combination with the innovative rubber brush the mascara gives the lashes volume and optimum density. The lashes are coated and appear more voluminous. The brush defines and separates the lashes precisely no lumps, no crumbs, no sticking, no greasing. You can buy it here: STAY KAWAII SHOP

New eyeshadows: Gebackener marmorierter Lidschatten, Baked marbled eyeshadow available in 3 different shades.

 Super shimmering eyeshadow, you can use it also wet for highter intensity. Alverde says Color and shimmer together in an irresistible eye shadows. The baked texture with bright tones, shimmering sets accents on the eyelids and creates a refined eye makeup for special moments. Available soon on my eBay shop.

The last new make up product is Concealer Anti-Augenringe.
 It's a cream concealer to make the eyes brighter. This is what Alverde says Lamination: Gives the delicate skin under the eye is like a fresh color and gentle eye shadows. The concealer brings the eyes visible to the beam; the view looks more alert. With shea butter and jojoba oil. For the moment this concealer is not available in my eBay shop.

Also  new make products are the shades: new colors of lipsticks, pencils, gloss and all the new shades will be updated soon in my eBay shop so.. stay tuned and STAY KAWAII!

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