mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014

Alverde Christmas Edition 2014

Christmas is not so far if you want to buy gifts online.
I clearly remember the past year, it was a nightmare: clients bought products at the beginning of December and on the 20th of December we were still waiting for the delivery! 3-4 weeks to deliver the product, as very very ofter the service postal s*cks!

Further more, the Limited editions for Xmas, expecially Alverde products, finish very soon so I'm here to help you: if you have a friend totally in love with natural cosmetics produtcs she/he will love them for sure!

There are 3 gift sets available:
-3 travel size (50 ml) body butter Christmas flavoured in a unique packaging

-a shower cream + body cream with a super sweet flavour: fig and date

-for man Showergel + shampoo plus deodorant plus face cream

Should I say something more?
They are available in my eBay shop, find them here:
Alverde Limited Edition for Christmas 2014. Shower Cream+Body Cream 1001 Nacht
Alverde Limited edition for Christmas 2014. 3 different body butters

Man gift set will be available soon! or send an email to for a special price.

Stay Kawaii!

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