domenica 19 ottobre 2014

New Facebook Page, same Stay Kawaii

Here is a list of new things you absolutely have to know about Stay Kawaii:

-I've changed Facebook Page, you can find me here: Stay Kawaii Shop
-This is my eBay shop: Stay Kawaii Shop eBay (remember: prices on eBay are higher due to eBay taxes. Write me an email for special prices!)
-This is my Instagram account: lau_stay_kawaii It's my private profile, not related exclusively with the shop, but if you'll follow me, you'll see my face!

I'm italian, but from now I'll only write in english: just to let you know that if you are italian or if you know my beautiful language, you can write me in italian (the same for spanish!)

In this blog I'll review the products sold in my shop, so stay tuned if you need more information about them!

No more things to add for the moment, just..

Stay Kawaii!

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